No -  we are not a juice press factory (we prefer coffee).  We are a small team of creators who are passionate about bringing unique projects to life. With our services designed for brands and agencies, we focus on one project at a time, dedicating ourselves completely to the process. Started off as freelancers, we were able to merge our talents into what has now become, Dimension Media.




We understand that a thoughtful design can make the difference between a business or a project being simply successful or revolutionary in its market. We live by the motto that our clients success is our success, hence putting all our effort into making each project unique and individual.

Corbinian Buchberger





We believe that collaboration brings out the best ideas. Which is why we look forward to collaborate with like minded unique visioned agencies to bring a project of any scale from a simple logo to an online campaign to life. Co-creation allows us to bring better projects to our clients. Got this far? Then just keep scrolling.


Gleb Podorozhnyy






Following a trend is easy. Who doesn’t like a fresh website or advertisement in the newest style? Yet finding a true aesthetic and feel of a project while setting its own trend is hard.



We don’t want to simply slap on another logo with seasonal colors that will go out of style in the next year and will have to be updated.



We believe in timeless design that looks better with age and gets remembered from generation to generation, making it timeless.



Brand Development

Every brand has its own story. Just like we have ours. Whether it is a huge corporate office, a car manufacturer, or simply your small corner shop, each brand identity is unique and has a story. We believe in a native approach to branding. Let us tell your story.

"[...] I realized how important online presence was after landing more and more clients with my new brand identity and website."


Elena Tumbartseva
Founder & Owner
Le Boudoir

Web Development

All websites are created equal! Well, maybe not… We strive to create website that meet any demand, whether it is to generate revenue, increase your market size, or strengthen the brand identity. The current day market is flooded with trendy websites that have no identity, we are changing that.

"[...] ...Their quick turnaround time and flexibility made it easy for us to work with them. They quickly understood what we needed help with and started working right away."


Christopher Watros
Director of Marketing

Creative Content

Want to film the next movie to beat star wars? Then we’re probably not the right match… Want to create a strong brand representation through visual content? Then you’re at the right place. From one-frame animations, drone shots, corporate film creative pictures - there is no limits for us when it comes to creation content for the digital era.

"[...] Professionally excellent work, pleasant contact and very good price-performance ratio. I look forward to continuing good cooperation."


Simon Eickholt
Kern Microtechnik GmbH